Ultra low-power radio module for high-performance devices

• Designed to reduce BOM, optimize supply chain and certification time

• Powerful 48 MHz Cortex M4 with up to 64 kB SRAM and 256kB Flash

• Large number of peripherals, digital interfaces and GPIOs

• Low-power 868-915 MHz radio for LoRa®, (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK with high quality TCXO and matching filters

• Antenna connection available as u.fl connector or 50 Ohm pin

• LoRaWAN ready to use examples for STM32CubeIDE and Arduino IDE

Your magic wand for any IoT application

The Move-X MAMWLE-xx is a low-power, LoRaWAN-compliant radio module based on STM32WLEx microcontroller by STMicroelectronics. Powered by a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 with clock frequency up to 48MHz and paired with up to 64kB SRAM and 256kB Flash, it is suitable for the most demanding tasks. Its high computational capabilities make the MAMWLE-xx the perfect core for devices in any kind of applications, from smart metering to automation control systems.

The several possible integrations and the low power consumption of the MAMWLE-xx make it ideal for most Internet of Things application

• Smart meters

• Supply chain and logistics

• Building automation

• Agricultural sensors

• Smart cities

• Retail store sensors

• Asset tracking

• Street lights

• Parking sensors

• Environmental sensors

• Healthcare

• Safety and security sensors

• Remote control applications

The MAMWLE-xx embeds a low-power Sub-GHz radio for LoRa®, (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK in the 868-915 MHz band with up to +22dBm output power; two on-board power amplifiers for maximizing power efficiency at different TX power (programmable with a step of 1 dB within 32 steps); and a high quality 32 MHz TCXO and RF matching network guarantees great stability during transmission.

μA in standby mode
dBm transmission

Easy RF integration in your design

The MAMWLE-xx module is designed to be easily integrated into any PCB offering two assembly variants. Antenna connection through on-board u-fl coaxial connector: no need to deal with RF signals on the application PCB, easier and space saving! Antenna connection through 50 Ohm pin: if you wish to create your own antenna design such as PCB antennas, SMA connectors, etc.

Other modules with the WL

Small Size Big Resources

With 37 GPIOs, a small package (15.5 x 16.5 mm LGA) and huge set of peripherals, the MAMWLE-xx is perfect to manage any application board. Digital interfaces: I2C, SPI, I2S, LPUART, USART. 12-channels ADC with 12 bit (up to 16 bits) SAR ADC. Complete set of low power comparators and timers. DMA, 12 bit DAC, watchdog. Thanks to the flexible pinout, those features can be used simultaneously and multiplexed to optimize PCB routing.


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Tech specs
    • Multiprotocol LPWAN 32-bit Arm®Cortex®-M4 MCUs, LoRa®, (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK
    • 128KB -256KB Flash, 48KB – 64KB SRAM
    • Rich peripherals: ADC, DAC, DMA, Comparators, Timers, independent watchdog & many others
    • Ultra-low power features
  • SIZE: 16.5mm X 15.5mm X 2mm
  • CLOCK: 32MHz TCXO, 32.768KHz XTAL
  • TX POWER: low power path (up to +14 dBm) high power path (up to +22 dBm).
  • RF OUTPUT: Two assembly variants:
    • 50 Ohm u.FL connector
    • 50 Ohm pin
Datasheets & Resources

MAMWLE module Datasheet

DVK Schematic

Schematic of MAMWLE Development Board

MAMWLE Altium Library


MAMWLE DevKit User Manual


STM32WLE5 Datasheet


Go to Move-X GitHub

Firmware AT Commands

Download the new AT Commands firmware of the MAMWLE module

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