Like other industries leveraging the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) also logistics is transforming, creating what is now called logistics 4.0, digital supply chain or digital logistics. These terms represent the improved productivity and efficiency that can be reached thanks to digitization and connectivity. IoT connected devices, equipment and vehicles allows for remote and real-time management of critical goods in manufacturing and retail supply chains.

Devices used in digital logistics and supply chain rely on sensors to measure important environmental aspects, such as location, movement, temperature, humidity, handling, speed of movement and more.

Prevalent IoT applications
in logistics are:

• Vehicle and cargo tracking

• Inventory tracking and positioning

• Location management systems

• Supply chain monitoring

• Equipment monitoring

• Storage conditions monitoring of raw materials and products

IoT-connected cold storage supply chains, for example, can monitor the ideal conditions of perishable materials like food and chemicals, avoiding waste and improving quality management. Equipment health monitoring ensures a longer machine lifetime enabling preventive and predictive manteinance. Fleet tracking improves route planning, and can authenticate shipments and products, increasing asset use and productivity.

Thanks to its low power and long battery life (up to 10 years), Move-X LoRa® wireless radio frequency technology is perfect for smart logistics, and supply chain applications that rely on battery-powered sensors. LoRa is an unlicenced spectrum that enables to design technology that is highly versatile and can connect devices over public, private or hybrid LoRaWAN® networks, indoor or outdoor.


LoRa + GPS board

Arduino MKR prototyping board for long-range and low-power GNSS tracking applications.

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