Combining a LoRa module, with a high-performance chipset and GNSS technology for a powerful low-power board!


Compatible with all Arduino MKR boards: standard relay, memory and more advanced ones.


Up to 15 Km point-point with LoRa connectivity for any IoT project.


Ultra-precise GNSS positioning and tracking technology, working worldwide.


Extremely low-power board with Move-X and U-blox innovative module designs.

Arduino MKR form factor
+ LoRa connectivity
+ GPS technology

The Cicerone board is a high-performance, low-power, Arduino MKR compatible DVK board based on Move-X MAMWLE LoRa module and u-blox MAX-M10S GNSS module. This combination allows best-in-class GNSS, long-range wireless connections and high-performance MCU processing in a low-power solution for extreme battery life.

Cicerone allows to build tracking applications around the world with meter-level accuracy and to communicate long-range, low-power data via LoRaWAN. The integrated Li-Po charging circuit enables the board to manage battery charging through the USB port.

For makers and engineers

Cicerone board is created for makers and engineers to quickly prototype IoT projects.
It has only 61,5mm in length and it is compatible with all Arduino MKR shield boards. In fact, they all share a common pinout for developers to easily add any other board with minimal software changes, in a cost-efficient manner.

MAMWLE module for LoRa communication with MAX-M10 for GNSS technology

With our Cicerone
board you can:

• Trace people and objects worldwide in real-time with meter-level precision.
• Have endless applications thanks to the compatibility with the Arduino MKR family.
• Develop an extremely low-power IoT device.
• Recharge the battery via the USB connector.
• Get a high-data computational power.
• Program via the Arduino IDE platform.

MAMWLE radio module
by Move-X

The MAMWLE module is the new low-power radio module compliant with LoRaWAN standards. It connects devices to the cloud and enables real-time communication of data and analytics. MAMWLE integrates a STMicroelectronics high-performance processing chipset, the STM32WL. It receives and processes data from position sensors, but also data from sensors measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and others.

MAX module
by U-blox

The MAX module implements a Real-time online A-GNSS service with assured global availability. This technology allows high-level positioning precision (meter-level) to meet every customer’s requirement, including the need for ultra-low-power consumption.

Design your IoT device with our Cicerone board

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SCHURTER Electronics S.p.A. is a company specialized in the distribution of electronic and electromechanical components, power supplies, displays and other niche products for special and innovative solutions in different sectors: medical equipment, telephony and telecommunications, computers, instrumentation, industrial automation, etc

Tech specs
  • Interfaces:
    • USB micro: UART, RESET/BOOT0 driver, supply input, battery charge @200mA
    • Connector for single-cell 3.7V Li-Po battery (battery shall include protection circuitry against SC, OD, OC)
    • 10-pin JTAG/SWD Debug connector for ST-LINK
    • U.FL antenna connector for GNSS L1
    • U.FL antenna for LoRaWAN (onboard MAMWLE module)
  • Headers compatible with Arduino MKR pinout, exposing:
    • SWD signals for debugging
    • RESET, BOOT0
    • +3.3V output (LDO)
    • +5V input
    • +5V output (internally MUXed between USB and +5V input)
    • VREF output
    • GNSS module’s UART (allows firmware update)
    • I2C shared by MAMWLE and GNSS module
    • up to 22 digital GPIO
    • inputs for ADC
    • PWM outputs
  • 2 push buttons: RESET, user
  • 2 LEDs: battery charging status (red), user (green)


  • Main components:
    • MAMWLE module
    • Ublox MAX-M10S
    • Battery charger: MCP73831T-2ACI/OT
    • USB-UART bridge: CP2102N-A02-GQFN24R
    • 3.3V voltage regulator: ADP121-AUJZ33R7 (150mA max)


  • Other features:
    • battery voltage can be monitored by MCU’s ADC through a voltage divider (can be excluded by opening jumper J6)
    • jumpers J2 and J3 are used for selecting reset signal for U-blox module (default is GPIO, nRST is 2nd option)
    • jumpers J7 and J8 are used for selecting between exposing BOOT0 or PB12 on the header (default is BOOT0, optional is PB12)
    • Supply from USB connector has priority over battery, supply from VIN has priority over USB

The level of possible integrations and the low power consumption within MAMWLExx enable a new generation of Internet of Things applications:

  • Smart meters
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Building automation
  • Agricultural sensors
  • Smart cities
  • Retail store sensors
  • Asset tracking
  • Street lights
  • Parking sensors
  • Environmental sensors
  • Healthcare
  • Safety and security sensors
  • Remote control applications
Download Datasheets & Resources

MAMWLE module Datasheet