Environmental monitoring can be defined as a system of techniques and tools (such as monitoring sensors, wireless communications and remote management softwares) that track the health of the environment and/or collect data to prevent events that could harm the environment or the business operations.

In industrial applications,
objectives of environmental monitoring include:

Optimizing operations for efficiency and safety.

Environmental monitoring enables companies to observe changing conditions on-site, reducing the risk of equipment failure and accidents

Minimizing the company’s environmental impact.

Industrial sites can track pollution or carbon output in order to find ways to decrease it

Validating safety protocols.

When industries require specific site conditions for effective operations, environmental monitoring reports can help organizations assess the safety of their existing procedures.

Types of Environmental Monitoring Systems

There are a variety of environmental monitoring techniques that companies can choose from, depending on their objective. They can be broken down into three main categories:

• Air quality monitoring

• Water quality monitoring

• Soil quality monitoring

The availability of IoT-based systems that allow for remote and wireless environmental monitoring are supporting companies in manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, and even healthcare to improve their response to events that need their immediate attention (like equipment failures or leaks) and long-term issues (such as changes in water supply conditions and pollution).

Environmental Monitoring with Move-X

Wireless IoT devices have a lower impact on the environment, if compared to wired sensors with running cables, while also allowing commercial and industrial operations to identify problems early, thanks to remote monitoring, decreasing the risk of operational accidents, equipment failures, and ecological or human exposure to dangerous contaminants.

Move-X offers IoT solutions that can support environmental monitoring of soil, air and water quality across a variety of applications and industries. In the long run, that results in less system downtime, decreased risk of accidents and better ecological health and productivity


LoRa + GNSS board

Arduino MKR prototyping board for long-range and low-power GNSS tracking applications.


Ultra-performing Radio Module

MAMWLE is a very tiny low power radio module designed by Move-X, which can be easily integrated into any PCB to enable it for wireless communication. It combines an STM32WLE microprocessor with a Semtech SX1262 sub-GHz radio into a 15x16 millimeter module.

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