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Ultra-performing Radio Module

Low-power radio module with a high-performance processing unit for demanding applications.

The MAMWLE is great, it’s become our go to device for a few different designs now. It’s been really good to have a powerful little chip that can do whatever we’ve asked of it so far.

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Alexander Cartwright

Product Development Engineer, Ver Facil Limited


LoRa + GNSS board

Arduino MKR prototyping board for long-range and low-power GNSS tracking applications.

Move-X’s new Cicerone board is a game changer for asset tracking application designers who require ultra-low-power data communication and meter-level position accuracy. The Move-X MAMWLE LoRa module in combination with u-blox’s MAX-M10S GNSS module and CloudLocate positioning in cloud service, delivers up to 10X power savings over traditional GNSS standalone power savings approach.

Senior Product Manager, u-blox


Industry leaders have partnered with Move-X to design technology for a better world.

At ST, they create technology for a sustainable world, in a sustainable way. They enable safer, smarter and greener ways of living while acting together to protect the planet.

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Adhering to the Swiss tradition of technological innovation u-blox continuously strives to find modern ways to boost customers businesses and build a sustainable future.


Design your IoT device with our Cicerone board