LoRaWAN and Cloud-based positioning for low power tracking solutions

In the rapidly evolving world of IoT and connectivity, businesses are constantly seeking more efficient, reliable, and scalable ways to keep track of their assets and operations.  

Move-X offers cutting-edge solutions that combine the extensive coverage of LoRaWAN with the precision of cloud-based positioning technologies. This fusion is embodied in the Cicerone board, a prototyping platform that integrates the MAMWLE LoRaWAN module by Move-X and the MAX M10 GNSS module by u-blox, further enhanced with u-blox CLoudLocate service.  

The problem: need for both low-power consumption and position accuracy

LoRaWAN is a low-bandwidth connectivity option that is suitable for periodic communications due to its frequency band limitations. However, it is not ideal for continuous messaging like cellular connectivity, and, while it offers a low-power GPS-free geolocation feature, the accuracy is not sufficient for many IoT applications that require less than 10-meter precision. 

There’s a rising global trend of connected devices needing accurate location information. Standard precision GNSS modules provide this accuracy but consume a lot of power in the process. They require a significant time to establish a position fix, often needing additional assistance data to speed up this process, which introduces an increased demand for bandwidth. 

The solution: positioning in the cloud

u-blox addresses these issues with cloud-based positioning solutions that work in tandem with LoRaWAN to strike a balance between bandwidth, location accuracy, energy consumption, and device size. By combining the u-blox M10 ultra-low-power GNSS receiver modules with the CloudLocate service, power autonomy is enhanced. This solution allows for accurate location data with just a few updates per day, ideal for devices that do not use location data on-board but in the cloud. 

CloudLocate reduces power consumption by up to 90% by preprocessing GNSS signals on the receiver, which minimizes the need for large data packets and assistance data. This makes it an excellent match for LoRaWAN low bandwidth capabilities, allowing devices to operate autonomously on battery power for months or even years. The combined technology enables efficient, accurate, and low-power IoT applications, particularly useful for asset tracking and other applications requiring precise location data. 

Applications of LoRaWAN and Cloud-based positioning

Logistics and supply chain management 

In the complex web of modern supply chains, the ability to track goods from production to delivery is invaluable. The Cicerone board combines technologies that provide detailed location data with low power comsumpion, enabling businesses to optimize routes, reduce delays, and prevent theft or loss. 

Computer tablet on blurred warehouse background

Smart agriculture 

Farmers can monitor livestock and equipment across vast rural areas thanks to the combination of LoRaWAN range and the precise location data provided by cloud-based positioning. This technology aids in efficient resource management and asset utilization. 

Agricultural robots work automatically watering plants in smart farming

Environmental monitoring 

For conservation efforts, such as tracking wildlife or monitoring environmental conditions, the long-range and low power consumption of LoRaWAN, combined with accurate positioning, mean that sensors can be deployed in remote areas and provide valuable data for longer periods. 

Young woman scientist biologist zoologist sets camera trap for observing wild animals in summer taiga forest to collect scientific data Environmental protection, monitoring of rare and endangered animal species, ecology World Wildlife Day

Urban planning and smart cities 

From tracking public transport to monitoring municipal assets, this technology blend supports smarter, more efficient city management, enhancing services for residents and reducing operational costs. 



Move-X LoRaWAN modules (MAMWLE) and u-blox cloud-based positioning solution (M10 + CloudLocate) make a perfect match for power constrained IoT devices that require meter-level accuracy.

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