Feeding an ever-growing world population requires smarter agricultural solutions to improve operational efficiency, save resources, and maximize yield.

LoRa is leading a movement of long-range, low-power, secure, and GPS-free technology that is boosting business efficiency worldwide. Agriculture is no exception.

In rural areas, the possibility to have wireless sensors that send data and operate for a long time without human intervention can be a game changer. LoRaWAN low-data rate (between 0.3 kbit/s and 5 kbit/s, depending upon distance between end nodes and gateways) and its ability to communicate wirelessly over large distances (up to 10km in rural areas) makes it ideal for agriculture sensors.

Prevalent applications include:

• Livestock monitoring

• Climate monitoring

• Greenhouse automation

• Crop management

• Precision farming

• Predictive analysis for smart farming

• Soil monitoring

• Farm management systems

• Water management

• Pest control

• Autonomous irrigation

• Field equipment monitoring

Smart agriculture solutions enabled by LoRa are used by farmers globally to improve productivity.

Improving quality and quantity

By receiving more data farmers can have better control over the crop quality and/or livestock health and increase productivity thanks to enhanced overall efficiency.

Cutting costs and waste

IoT devices can tell how much pesticide and fertilizer need to be used for optimal efficiency, thanks to the information collected by sensors.

Lowering production risks

The possibility to detect anomalies in crop growth or livestock health will mitigate the risks of losing yield.

Increasing business efficiency through process automation

Our technology allows our clients to implement the best process automation for their business across the whole production cycle (irrigation, fertilizing, pest control, etc.).

At Move-X we offer LoRa® solutions for any agricultural application. LoRa is an unlicenced spectrum that enables to design technology that is low power, powerful and with a long battery life (up to 10 years).


LoRa + GNSS board

Arduino MKR prototyping board for long-range and low-power GNSS tracking applications.


Ultra-performing Radio Module

MAMWLE is a very tiny low power radio module designed by Move-X, which can be easily integrated into any PCB to enable it for wireless communication. It combines an STM32WLE microprocessor with a Semtech SX1262 sub-GHz radio into a 15x16 millimeter module.

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