The combined use of GNSS and IoT technology helps businesses increase efficiency and save resources in different key markets such as smart cities, smart agriculture, livestock management, logistics and many others.

The integration of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) technology, high-performance processing units and precision positioning technologies allow the development of an efficient Real-Time Location System (RTLS). These IoT systems help companies in all the sectors improve their operational efficiency, save resources and increase profit margin. That can be achieved by:

• Transmitting data via low-power and long-range radio protocols like LoRaWAN.

•Tracking objects or people in large open areas with high accuracy and in real time.

• Receiving information about temperature, pressure, humidity, accelerations, movements (such as the opening/closing of doors or circuits), etc.

Improving efficiency at every stage

Move-x modules advantages in all phases
MAX-M10-top-bottom - Move-X

The best performing IoT tracking device: MAMWLExx meets MAX M10

MAMWLExx by Move-X

It connects devices to the cloud, allowing real-time data communication to boost efficiency and productivity. This module
is not only a low-power LoRa radio module, but it also has a high-performance processing unit, the STMicroelectronics' STM32WL. The STM32WL is the powerful core of the MAMWLE module and it can receive and process data about location, temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and others. MAMWLE can be used as a single platform to develop the best performing IoT products.

MAX M10 by U-blox

It has a GNSS tracking technology designed for small-sized and high-performance IoT devices. Its technology allows meter-level
positioning precision to meet every customer’s requirements, including the need for ultra-low-power consumption.

MAMWLExx and U-Blox GNSS MAX M10S in a unique fast solution to enhance the development of positioning IoT devices.

Key features:

• Ultra-low-power consumption

• High-performance processing

• Meter-level GNSS accuracy

• Cost-effective solutions

• Small-size design

• Easily integrable into any project

• High dynamic accuracy

• Suitable for small antennas / weak signal

Digitalisation for a more efficient use of the resources.

There is an ever-increasing number of IoT vertical applications. They Include agriculture and farming, oil and gas, energy, finance, enterprise, healthcare, retail, industrial, infrastructures and transportation.

IoT devices using LoRa Technology help businesses become more sustainable and cut costs by allowing a more efficient use of the resources.

• Industrial IoT (IIoT)

• Smart supply chain

• Smart homes and buildings

• Smart cities

• Assets Tracking

• Container trackers

• Cars’ smart parking

Move-X' MAMWLE module with U-Blox' MAX module can offer an ultra-low-power positioning

MAMWLE module:

The MAMWLE module - designed by Move-X - is not only a radio module compliant with LoRaWAN standards but also a low-power module with a high-performance processing unit. It is a module for the most complex tasks and high-demanding applications. The module
has 64Kbytes of SRAM and 256Kbytes of Flash memory which can be used for important computing calculations and to embed the largest software applications.

Since the module is based on STM SoC - STM32WL by STMicroelectronics - it can be programmed using the ST environment itself, like STM32 CubeIde and STMCubeMX. MAMWLExx module is designed to be easily integrated into any PCB offering two assembly variants:
one with a U.FL coaxial connector on the top of the package for saving space on the mainboard. The other variant, which outputs the RF signal on
a 50 Ohm pin, is the right choice for those who wish to create their own antenna design. The MAMWLE comes with a rich pin-out
to meet different needs. Pin-out is designed to use different peripherals at the same time using different protocols like I2C, SPI, LPUART, USART.

The module uses a high-performance ARM Cortex M4 32 Bits RISC core operating at 48 Mhz. It has different types of low-power operation states, perfect for different applications especially the ones that need power saving. It implements multiple radio modulations: LoRa, (G)FSK,
(G)MSK, and BPSK with different options (Bandwidth, SF, Powers, CR) to meet different needs of communication.


• Multiprotocol LPWAN 32-bit Arm®Cortex®-M4 MCUs, LoRa®, (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK

• 128KB -256KB Flash, 48KB - 64KB SRAM

• Rich peripherals: ADC, DAC, DMA, Comparators, Timers, independent watchdog & many others

• Ultra-low-power features


• SIZE: 16.5mm X 15.5mm X 2mm

• CLOCK: 32MHz TCXO, 32.768KHz XTAL

• TX POWER: low power path (up to +14 dBm) high power path (up to +22 dBm).

• RF OUTPUT: Two assembly variants:

• 50 Ohm u.FL connector

• 50 Ohm pin

U‑blox M10 GNSS:

Tailored to the needs of wearable and industrial applications, the U‑blox M10 platform delivers ultra-low power positioning in an ultra-compact form factor without sacrificing on accuracy and availability. With under 15 mW power consumption in continuous tracking mode and high RF sensitivity that cuts the time required to establish a position fix, the U‑Blox M10 platform is ideal for small battery-powered applications. The platform features advanced jamming, spoofing, and RF interference mitigation, as well as Super-S technology to boost performance in weak signal environments or when used with small antennas, making it ideal for compact product designs. The “protection level” guarantees 95% confidence about true position.

What’s better compared to the u‑blox M8:

• 35% smaller chip size

• 5 times less power consumption

• Increased availability from 3 to 4 GNSS

• Up to 3 dB higher receiver sensitivity for faster startups

• 25% higher accuracy with weak signals and small antennas

• 95% confidence about the true position error


Ultra-performing Radio Module

MAMWLE is a very tiny low power radio module designed by Move-X, which can be easily integrated into any PCB to enable it for wireless communication. It combines an STM32WLE microprocessor with a Semtech SX1262 sub-GHz radio into a 15x16 millimeter module.

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