Feeding an ever-growing world population requires smarter agricultural solutions to improve operational efficiency, save resources, and maximize yield. Technologies like GPS have been supporting agriculture for over a decade. However, the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is starting a whole new era for AgriTech: Smart Agriculture is our present and our future.

The IoT communication LoRaWAN, integrated with our module, allows a powerful and non-disruptive exchange of information between IoT devices in rural areas, even in bad weather and vast spaces, making it perfect for Agriculture applications.

How can LoRaWAN Technology improve efficiency in agriculture?

Sensors that use the LoRaWAN protocol can collect important data about agricultural and farming parameters to monitor every area of your business such as staff performance, crop health and equipment efficiency. That will help to make informed decisions that will improve your overall production.

• Lowering production risks: the possibility to detect anomalies in crop growth or livestock health will mitigate the risks of losing your yield.

• Cutting costs and waste: IoT devices can tell how much pesticide and fertilizer need to be used for optimal efficiency, thanks to the information collected by sensors.

• Increasing business efficiency through process automation: our technology allows you to implement the best process automation for your business across your whole production cycle (irrigation, fertilizing, pest control, etc.).

• Improving quality and quantity: by receiving more data you can have better control over the crop quality and/or livestock health, and increase production thanks to an enhanced overall efficiency.

Optimization of Cultivation growth
Water Savings and Power Consumption
Reduction in on-site visits

Improving efficiency at every stage

Move-x modules advantages in all phases

Smart agriculture solutions enabled by LoRa are used by farmers globally to improve productivity.

We are witnessing an ever-increasing demand for IoT devices for vertical applications: LoRa is leading a movement of long-range, low-power, secure, and GPS-free technology that is boosting business efficiency worldwide. Agriculture is no exception. In rural areas, the possibility to have wireless sensors that send data and operate for a long time without human intervention can be a game changer.

• Climate monitoring

• Greenhouse automation

• Crop management

• Cattle monitoring and management

• Precision farming

• Predictive analysis for smart farming

• Soil monitoring

• End-to-end farm management systems

Our MAMWLE module

“MAMWLE” is the new low-power radio module compliant with LoRaWAN standards, enabling real-time communication of data that can enhance efficiency and productivity. It is not a simple radio module, as it also contains a high-performance processing unit, the STMicroelectronics' STM32WL: the powerful core of the MAMWLE module. STM32WL can receive and process data about position, temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and every other information you may need.

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