The integration of our module allows sensors to measure several aspects of the environment around them, including location, temperature, humidity, light intensity, movement speed and other factors.

The real-time delivery of this data helps companies to make their logistics and supply chain management smarter and more efficient.

Devices integrated with our MAMWLE are able to track shipments even without GNSS technologies. They can also check the product storage conditions, improving quality management throughout the supply chain. There are several ways MAMWLE can be used: from predictive maintenance to storage administration.

The MAMWLE module designed by Move-X

The “MAMWLE`` is the new low power radio module compliant with LoRaWAN standards, enabling real-time communication of data that can enhance efficiency and productivity. In addition, this module is not only a radio module: it integrates a high-performance processing unit, the STMicroelectronics' STM32WL. The STM32WL is the powerful core of the MAMWLE module. It can receive and process data from sensors such as position, temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and every information you need for your Agriculture purpose.

Benefits of using MAMWLE for your Supply Chain management

Goods location at any Time

The MAMWLE can be integrated into devices attached to vehicles and containers or to raw materials and products themselves giving them the ability to communicate their location worldwide. Both inexpensive assets, such as rolls or cartons, and expensive ones, such as trailers, trucks and rail train cars will be easily located when needed. Our IoT devices will transmit their location from anywhere thanks to the LoRaWAN protocol, which can be useful also in case of theft.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Equipment health monitoring operated through devices powered by MAMWLE ensures a longer machine lifetime. Receiving data such as temperature, vibration and wear allows to optimize maintenance operations and decrease spare part costs.

Vehicles monitoring and Corporate Social Responsibility

Our module also helps monitoring fleets of vehicles, which will improve the supply chain efficiency. It communicates data about vehicle maintenance, CO2 emissions and other factors affecting costs and optimal use of the resources. It can also give information about drivers rest time, which is a way for companies to better measure their CSR practices.

Storage Conditions Monitoring of Raw Materials and Products

Our IoT module is the core of sensors that monitor the ideal conditions of perishable materials like food and chemicals, avoiding waste and improving quality management in the supply chain. Temperature, humidity, air exposure, light intensity and other environmental factors can be detected and communicated in an easy and fast way thanks to the MAMWLE.

Locate Goods in Storage

MAMWLE allows IoT devices to locate goods when they are in a distribution center. This can make it much easier to find specific products within a large warehouse and ensures efficient management.

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