A LoRaWAN-GNSS bike tracker

We love to see people passionate about IoT as much as we are! 

Meet Jan-Ole, a talented seventeen-year-old from Germany that built a LoRaWAN GNSS-Tracker for his bike using the Move-X Cicerone board. It combines LoRaWAN and cloud-based positioning thanks to the Move-X MAMWLExx and the u-blox MAX-M10S modules.

He used the LoRa MAMWLE module as main application microcontroller, the Arduino SDK to develop the firmware, the u-blox CloudLocate service for cloud-positioning, and Datacake for the visualization. The tracker is 81mm x 83mm x 37mm, powered by a rechargeable battery, and it uses a LoRa / GNSS antenna and the LoRaWAN protocol for communication.  

The location data from the u-blox MAX-M10S is sent with the Move-X MAMWLE module via The Things Stack to his Node-Red Server, where it gets redirected to Thingstream by u-blox in order to get the decoded position. This info is then sent to a Datacake Dashboard.

Move-X_Tracker_Datacake_Dashboard - Jan-Ole Giebel (1)

“The Cicerone Board is a great platform for developing LoRaWAN GNSS trackers. Especially with the possibility to use the u-blox CloudLocate service. I love the features of the board and LoRa and GNSS are two very cool technologies.”   

Since we loved Jan-Ole’s project, we took some time to get to know him better, to talk about his bike tracker, and to ask him for some feedback – it is always interesting for us to learn about what our community thinks of our solutions When he was only fifteen Jan-Ole invented the “Klimabox, sponsored by u-blox and Sensirion: it is a Wi-Fi-connected device for his high school classroom to indicate the level of carbon dioxide (CO2).  

“Everything began in grade 8 when I wanted to build a small Temperature and Humidity sensor, with a Webserver to visualize the data, in school. Then the Covid pandemic hit us, so I added a CO2 sensor from Sensirion and the Idea of my so called “Klimabox” was born. My school gave me the opportunity to develop a more professional variant of my device and I developed my own IoT-Server KliServ which is now at the version KliServ-IoT 3.  u-blox and Sensirion were fascinated about my project and sponsored me with modules and sensors. Since u-blox posted about your Cicerone board, I was curious. So, I ordered one to play around with it. As I wanted to build an asset tracker for my bike, I’m now taking the chance to do that with the Cicerone board. I’m also interested in the MAMWLE module, since I’m collecting some ideas for my Klimabox 5 with LoRaWAN functionality. And for that box I need a LoRaWAN module with AT commands. If you want to learn more, you can check out my website: jo-technik.com ! 

It’s always a pleasure to know people like Jan-Ole, driven by the passion for technology that inspires them to explore new ways of doing things.  

We wish him the best for his future! 

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