Power-constrained IoT projects using LoRa radio modules


Ylenia Carola


Business Developer

at Move-X


Alexander Verfacil@3x


Product Development Engineer

at Ver Facil


Free Webinar: Power-constrained IoT projects using LoRa radio modules

On May 23rd, join us to discover interesting overground and underground IoT projects where Move-X LoRa radio modules, based on STM32WLEx microcontroller, were successfully used for power-constrained applications.

The webinar will feature Alexander Cartwright, Product Development Engineer at VER FACIL, as our special guest; he will explain the projects carried out by their team using Move-X MAMWLE module. VER FACIL has implemented the MAMWLE on various designs, often replacing a relay/PLC based system while adding IoT functionality at the same time, enabling them to have a system controller and a radio in the same device.   

During this session we will show the implementation of the LoRaWAN radio module on projects such as:   

  • Pump controller   
  • Underground Plant Room  
  • Air Handling Unit Controller  
  • IoT Retrofit for building management systems
  • Mining Vehicles  

The webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn about Move-X’s LoRaWAN micro-processor-based solutions and their applications.   

This event promises to be highly informative, and participants will have the chance to interact with the expert speakers to answer their questions related to power constrained IoT applications, product ideas, and industrial embedded systems. 


Ylenia Carola, Move- X, Business Developer 

Alexander Cartwright, Ver Facil, Product Development Engineer

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 – 5PM (CET) |  8AM (PT) | 11AM (ET) 

30 minutes 


Watch the webinar recording!