Sub-GHz radio: Long Range, Low-Power and Robust

Move-X MAMWLE-xx modules embed a Sub-GHz radio. 

But what does sub-GHz wireless networking mean?

This technology allows to create a radio system with powerful connection coverage range (up to 10 km in an open field) and ultra-low power consumption, which makes it suitable for different kinds of power constrained application, in different industries: smart agriculture, smart environment, smart cities, smart logistics and more.

Such system is normally used for the transfer of data within a network architecture such as LoRaWAN  or between different end devices in a point-to-point structure. Working in the sub-GHz spectrum provides good immunity to presence of obstacles on the radio path while carrying significant data payload, which makes it suitable for most applications. 

The MAMWLE has a high-quality matching filter to operate in the band of 868 Mhz and 915 Mhz and it can use different modulation techniques such as:  

The Sub-Ghz Radio is equipped with two power amplifiers, a high efficiency one up to +14dBm, and a high power one up to +22dBm. Output power can be programmed with steps of 1 dB within 32 steps. The 32MHz TCXO guarantees great stability during transmission. LoRa modulation can operate with different bandwidths and Spreading Factors (from 5 to 12):  

It can be set in multiple differents mode of operations for LoRa Packet (Explicit/Implicit Header Mode) choosing also different coding rates:  

The radio is completely programmable to achieve the best performance needs for different kinds of application.  

Move-X MAMWLE-xx comes with two different options:  

  • 50 Ohm u.FL connector  
  • 50 Ohm RF pin  

The u.FL connector is mounted on top of the module together with a high-performance Pi Filter, so there is no need to design any RF circuit to match the antenna. To give the best flexibility to the designers, MAMWLE-xx implements also a 50 Ohm RF pin variant to enhance a complete custom antenna design. 

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