partnership with schurter

Schurter: our new dealer for Italy, Spain and Portugal!

The potential of digital transformation for a business is limitless: it can optimize your processes and systems, strengthen security, accelerate efficient workflows, enhance data collection, increase profitability, support sustainable practices… in a nutshell, it can be the key to set your company up for future success. 

We want to work towards the creation of a world where every person can take advantage of the benefits of IoT to improve their life and to pursue their goals. We see a future where digital transformation can be the key for a more equal and sustainable way of living. It is possible. It is already happening. Electronics companies just need to become better listeners, understanding people’s needs and reducing the distance between themselves and their clients. 

We believe this partnership will take us a step closer to that dream.

“Schurter always focuses on analyzing each situation individually in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and full customer satisfaction. Schurter and Move-X are the right partners to improve the efficiency of wireless applications, moving your business to the next generation.” – Marcelo Soares, Managing Director at Schurter.


Schurter Electronics a globally successful Swiss family business, dedicated to recognise customer needs and to offer the best and more advantageous technical solutions. We truly love their customer-centric approach: it is in line with our commitment to create a deeper connection with our community in order to provide the best customer experience. 

Schurter will help us reduce that gap between our engineers and the people we create our technology for: you! They will support you find the best solutions to your specific requirements, guiding you to understand how our IoT technology can create new opportunities for your business. 

“Every day we work hard to implement innovative solutions that can anticipate our clients’ needs: partnering with Schurter is going to be a key element for us to better direct our expertise towards the creation of a smarter and more sustainable world for everyone.” – Ferdinando Frediani, Co-Founder and CEO at Move-X. 

No big movement has started without big dreams. Every day our clients inspire us to design newer, cleaner, and more innovative technology to support our community and our planet the best we can. 

If you are European-based and you are interested in exploring new, smarter solutions for your business, here you can find a team of experts ready to answer all your questions. 

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