Move-X and HDM Group – Transforming technologies together

“Collaboration is key to keep moving forward. 

It generates new ideas. 

It creates new opportunities. 

It shapes new realities.  

That is why we are excited to introduce HDM Group as our partner.” 

Ferdinando Frediani, CEO at Move-X 

HDM Group is a system integrator that, thanks to continuous research in the IoT world and decades of experience in the world of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and hardware design, supports companies through high-tech services focused on:  

  • development of software architectures for data collection;  
  • data mining and generation of forecast models;  
  • design and development of IoT devices. 

“It is an honour for us to sign a partnership with a company like Move-X. 

This collaboration is an important step, inserted in a context of targeted partnerships for the growth and completion of our offer. Partnering with Move-X will allow us to design innovative solutions starting from high quality components.” 

Rossano Codeluppi, CEO and CTO at HDM Group  

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