Move-X and Sacoel – Joining Forces to innovate IoT Solutions

We are happy to announce our newest collaboration with Sacoel, a leading distributor of electronic components in Spain. 

Sacoel is well known in the industry for helping companies and entrepreneurs to develop their projects with high-quality electronic components. The company has a strong reputation for delivering excellent customer service and providing expertise and guidance to help customers achieve their goals. 

Move-X, on the other hand, specializes in developing LoRaWAN micro-processor-based solutions for the electronic global market. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from product ideation and design to industrial embedded systems development, and have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions for power constrained IoT applications. 

Through this new collaboration, Sacoel and Move-X aim to combine their respective strengths to provide customers with a complete end-to-end solution for developing and deploying IoT applications. By leveraging Sacoel’s expertise in electronic components and Move-X’s cutting-edge IoT solutions, customers will benefit from a streamlined, efficient process for bringing their ideas to life. 

The collaboration between Sacoel and Move-X is already underway, with the two companies working closely together to develop new, innovative IoT solutions for customers in Spain. 

For more information about Sacoel and the services they offer, please visit: